Dating of mahabharata war

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Learned tomes are written about the significance of such stalwarts as the golden number (1.618034), which does occur in flowering plants and modern architecture but does not occur in the shell of the nautilus and ancient Greek architecture, despite endless myths to the contrary.

Many religions have their sacred numbers, as do organizations such as Freemasonry; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music, notably the (1791), includes many intentional references to Masonic numerology.

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Sometimes the date of birth is used, sometimes the date of election. Still, a few of the coincidences are quite startling.

If those do not work, how about the dates of college graduation, marriage, firstborn child, first election to office, or death? The correct birth date for Booth is now thought to be 1838, not 1839, and Booth actually fled to a barn. Although rational explanations exist, a true believer cannot be convinced.

Between the two lies fruitful scientific ground, yet to be cultivated extensively.

Numerical coincidences abound, and they are often so remarkable that it is difficult to explain them rationally.

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