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Please click the "See Events" box below to look for an event near you or to submit a request to add your reptile event to our list.

In the Zilla Lab, we work with reptiles and amphibians from around the world.

With some species able to live up to 250 years, these amazing animals are a lifelong pet.

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They range in size from the smallest geckos in the world, dwarf gecko, to the largest lizards, the Komodo Dragon.

Living their lives without legs, these reptiles have adapted to be some of the most efficient predators that have ever existed.

They are able to see heat given off by their prey, eat it whole, and are able to move up to 12 mph!

Adding reptile knowledge to a global complementarity conservation priority scheme identifies many locations that consequently become important.

Notably, investing resources in some of the world’s arid, grassland and savannah habitats might be necessary to represent all terrestrial vertebrates efficiently.

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