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I recommend using Bing or Google to find one of these and use it. Lost my colors when going back to Outlook 2000I used Outlook XP for a while and got spoiled in the ability to use colors (labels) for all the calander events. I am now stuck with a number of Outlook Personal folders which appear in my "Folders List" and refuse to be deleted or closed. Unfortunately, I need to see the whole speadsheet at one time, hence the 50% or 75%. When I upgraded to Outlook 2003 it took the old settings and archives to a file with a different extension just fine, it just won't let me use the same file for new stuff. Hi, We have a SBS 2000 server, now after we restart the server.

Hi Ian, There are many video converters available on-line for free or for free trial. Access 2003 can use databases in Access 2000 file format natively. However I faced some problems when converting my PST files from the old format (97-2002) to the new format of OL2003. There's a registry tweak that allows you to stop font substitution when the zoom factor gets under 60% (at least that's what the knowledge base article says). I get this when trying to set the default file for all folders or when trying to set the file for a specific folder.

View Type = pp View Notes Master Active Presentation. Thanks, Jim Propert Sounds like my problem as well. i have instaled an exchange 2003 and i need to use two domain, so the first domain works fine but now i need to use one of the user with another domain. Outlook could not startbecause a data file to send and recieve mail could not be found. Hi Geoff, Are the macros calling other macros that are also turning off screen refresh and calculation and turn them back on.

I am hoping someone has any ideas on how I can fix this. After creating my email account it gave me this error message: "Unable to open your default e-mail folder.

Text = str Notify End With End With ' and so on End With ' Presentation Thank you very much My pleasure. View Type = pp View Normal ' Exit procedure: Add Notify_Exit Proc: Exit Sub ' Error handling: Add Notify_Error Handler: If Err. View Type = pp View Normal Else Msg Box "The following error occurred:" & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & _ "Number: " & Err. Description & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & _ "Please contact you local system administrator if this error continuous.", vb Critical, "Could not write Notify" End If Resume Add Notify_Exit Proc End Sub ? After your suggested code I added the following: End With ' Presentation Active Window. View Type = pp View Normal The Add Notify text is updated using PPT2007. I have set up five different email accounts and when I click on "Send/Receive" I can see the five accounts listed, but when I click on any one of them, the Inbox does not change, it stays with the Default Inbox.

' On Error Go To Add Notify_Error Handler ' var Month = Array("", "January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December") str Notify = "This is the disclaimer text that will be inserted on all three Masters." str Notify = str Notify & var Month(Format(Date, "mm")) & " " & Format(Date, "yyyy") & vb Cr Lf str Notify = str Notify & Chr(169) & " " & Format(Date, "yyyy") & " " & avnt Templates ACArray(l Templ Nmbr) str Notify = str Notify & ".

This document or any part of it, may not be reproduced, copied, circulated and/or distributed nor quoted without prior written approval from Company Name." With Active Presentation With . Can anyone suggest another way or recommend a program to do this easily? I recently upgraded to Office 2003 which includes the much improved Outlook 2003. In Outlook 2000 this was not a problem, but in Outlook 2003 I get an error that says "The file name is not valid".

Confidential information owned by Company Name, to be used by the recipient only. I've read that the only way is to convert the mpeg-4??? This is a drag and it's also preventing me from sharing files with the vast majority of my world that can't open them! If there are any PDFs save them out as or obtain them in another graphics...outlook 20 close no error Hi I cannot find anything on outlook just closing possibly sending recieving and when sending Email. Duplicate files in Outlook 2003 #2Duplicate files in Outlook 2003 -------------------------------------------- I am using Windows XP and was using Outlook XP successfully for several years. Outlook 2003 Archive File extension I want to change the extension for the archive file from to something else.

I can link into my with no problems and play, however, sometimes ppt does not open up the file, when I right-click on the link I get a "movie not loaded..."? -----Original Message----- From: Doug [mailto:[email protected]] Posted At: April 13, 2004 AM Posted To: microsoft.public.outlook Conversation: Lost my colors when going back ... These emails were first sent almost over 18 months ago. It had a trail version of Office 2007 which had outlook.

Power Point seems to like WMV format the best, but that is not a guarantee that it will play. SWF files in PPT 2007I am using Adobe Captivate 4 to create files. I go into the Shockwave properties and change Embed Movie from "False" to "True" but once I move the file it does not play. I don't know about the "movie not loaded," but I do know that embedding SWFs won't work in PPT 2007. Now that I am back on Outllok 2000 (because that is what the rest of the company uses) I would love to find an add-in or something that would give me the ability to color code my calander events once again. Lost in black and white, Doug There aren't any that I'm aware of. These were Personal Folders originally linked to actual PST files. Zoom Problems in Excel 2002When viewing a speadsheet at 50% or 75%, the number 1 does not line up properly in the column with the other numbers. For those who feel compelled to ask the question, here's the answer.. Exchange 2000, sends emails automatically after each restart! Everytime it will send a couple of emails to the same external recipients. Outlook 2003 error I got reburish PC from microcenter.

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