Uganda male dating

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Unfortunately for my blushing and awkward Englishness most of these taboos revolved around sex.I’d uncomfortably discovered through conversations with perplexed villagers that the myths surrounding HIV weren't limited to the misplacement of Coca-Cola; according to local rumour, white people, young people and Christians were incapable of contracting the virus whilst I disturbingly discovered that a joke in ‘The Book of Mormon,’ involving sex, babies and the curing of aids was rumoured practice here.' What do they do if they are not with a woman? Ugandan men match up to their English counterparts in one crucial way; complete inability to talk to women.On a night out they will happily get hands on the second they see you, but any form of communication is always directed through the nearest male to you, with any attempts of direct communication met with looks of pure terror.

I cleared my throat and announced ‘HIV cannot be prevented by pouring soda on your genitals, HIV can only be prevented by abstinence, faithfulness and er,’ I gestured to the bloated contraception that was now being examined by locals, ‘Condoms.’ I had never imagined uttering that sentence, let alone speaking it in central west Africa, but my trip to Uganda had presented me with cultural taboo after cultural taboo that, at times, required direct confrontation.When I told the gathered women that I was intending to marry until after twenty-five one responded, ‘but who will want you at twenty-five? Similar responses were given when I explained interracial marriage, older mothers and the possibility of a woman wanting a career before children, ‘But who would want the stress of work when you could serve your husband? Ugandan men's sexual exploits didn't stop with polygamy; living in a country where prostitution is legal has lead to them taking a very casual approach to the whole act of seduction; if they want sex and a wife/ women is around or willing, they go pay for it.My colleagues were perplexed at the thought of single Englishmen going without sex.I’d found myself stood in the middle of a town nestled in an African rain forest.Behind me was a table littered with condoms and wooden ornaments, carved into varying shapes of penis.

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